A Full-service

Digital-tech Company

We’ve been building brands and partnerships while offering turnkey solutions for all marketing and technology needs – and that was just the beginning!

This is Our Story

Our roots, vision and mission.

Spatter Co. (initially Ingenious Solutions) was founded in mid-2010, just after the global recession, with a mission to transform the way people see marketing and web technologies. The decision to start Spatter Co. started with an idea to fill the gap in the marketing needs of small, medium and corporate entities by supplying aggregated, effortless marketing solutions ranging from printed products to specialised digital and web technologies.

We have built a diverse client list from local and family-owned businesses, schools, corporates and international brands. We have the advantage of extensive knowledge through hands-on experience and expertise across wide-ranging industries, including retail, wholesale, education, hospitality, entertainment, building and construction, fashion, automotive, professional services, and many more.

We always live up to the expectations of our clients.


We continuously learn and evolve to be the best in the market.


We only deliver premium quality, highly innovative services.


We pride ourselves on building invaluable client relationships.

Dream Big.

Create Identity.

Achieve Brilliance.

Quality is our Forté

We boast about the quality of our work – ­because we can. We always ensure that our clients have the wow factor when delivering the final product.

Dream Big. Create Identity. Achieve Brilliance. is a simple ideology by which our company exists.

It is simple

  • Dream Big. Dreaming big starts with the belief that one can achieve great things.
  • Create Identity. Identify the qualities and beliefs that set you apart from others.
  • Achieve Brilliance. Through perseverance, you will become the best at what you do.

Our Team

We are an exceptionally talented team of digital warriors.

We have a global footprint with more than a decade of experience and invaluable skills gained – this, together with our unique company culture and the combined skill-sets of our team, gives us a distinct competitive advantage over our competitors.

This tremendous advancement in our skills and expertise allows us to offer premium products and services at an affordable rate, which complements our philosophy to build and maintain a long-term, interpersonal relationship with each client.

Join us for another decade of excellence as we release an exciting array of ingenious products and services to take your company to the next level!