Why do I

Need To Keep Resetting My WiFi Router?

Why do I need to keep resetting my WiFi router?

Just like shutting down your computer ever so often can improve its performance, rebooting your router can also help. Believe it or not, your wifi router is a computer. Inside that plastic box are a CPU, memory, and local storage, all running on an operating system, and just like a computer, things can go wrong from time to time.


How often should you reboot your Router?

While there is no perfect or scientific answer to this question, in general it is a good idea to reboot the main internet router every couple of months.

A router reboot can fix certain Internet connectivity issues such as no internet connectivity to slow wireless connections and should be one of your first troubleshooting steps. It is also a good security practice to reboot the router every now and then.

What are the benefits of rebooting?

If you want a faster connection, you should turn your router on and off regularly. Your internet provider assigns a temporary IP address to each of your devices which can change at any time. If your router does not catch this change, your connection may slow down, just like when too many devices are connected to your router.

Restarting your router every one or two months can help maintain the performance and reliability of your home network.


Do you really need to wait 10 seconds when resetting your router?

Many people (including you maybe) think that waiting 10 seconds when resetting your router is a myth, so it might surprise you that it’s not a myth and there is actually a reason behind it.

Most electronics make liberal use of capacitors, which are basically tiny batteries. They don’t store a lot of energy but can at times have just enough to keep a memory chip running for a few seconds. Waiting 10 seconds ensures that every capacitor is fully drained, and thus every bit of memory is cleared. This ensures that all the settings on your router are actually reset, including anything that might have caused the crash in the first place.

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